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Shipping and Logistics Management

The term 'shipping' has evolved from its original relationship to ships and seaborne trade, to encompass any mode of transport that moves goods between two points. The implication of the extended meaning of 'shipping' is that the shipping industry has become more complex, as well as more dynamic. Traditionally, the theory and knowledge of shipping management and operations are transferred in the workplace, from practitioners to newcomers; little has been systemically organized and published in books. Shipping and Logistics Management serves to consolidate the knowledge its authors have acquired from being educators and observers of the shipping industry. Against the background of a global business environment, it explains how the shipping market functions, examining the strategic and operational issues that affect entrepreneurs in this industry. The authors discuss global trends and strategies in the shipping business, looking at the role of logistics service providers and at how the use of information technology can help shipping operations. Shipping and Logistics Management also aims to answer several important questions in the shipping industry, including: • What are the shipping markets? • How are freight rates determined? • What are the shipping cost structures? • What are the patterns of sea transport? and • How do companies in the shipping industry operate? An invaluable source of information for researchers and advanced, or graduate, students, Shipping and Logistics Management is also a useful reference for shipping practitioners and consultants.


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