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Sustainable Remediation of Contaminated Sites

Traditional site remediation approaches typically focus on the reduction of contaminant concentrations to meet cleanup goals or risk-based corrective levels, with a primary emphasis on remediation program cost and timeframe. Such an approach, however, may result in ancillary impacts to the environment that, when considered in totality with the remediation activity, result in a net negative impact to the environment. In contrast to a traditional remediation approach, this book presents a holistic approach to remediation that considers ancillary environmental impacts and aims to optimize net effects to the environment. It addresses a broad range of environmental, social, and economic impacts during all remediation phases, and achieves remedial goals through more efficient, sustainable strategies that conserve resources and protect air, water, and soil quality through reduced emissions and other waste burdens. Inside, the authors simultaneously encourage the reuse of remediated land and enhanced long-term financial returns for investments. Though the potential benefits are enormous, many environmental professionals and project stakeholders do not utilize green and sustainable technologies because they are unaware of the methods for selection and implementation. This book describes the decision framework, presents qualitative and quantitative assessment tools, including multidisciplinary metrics, to assess sustainability, and reviews potential new technologies. It presents several case studies that include sustainable remediation solutions, and will also highlight the challenges in promoting this practice.


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