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dc.description.abstractThis research discusses determining the route of food product delivery at Perum Bulog Divre Lampung. The problems in this study are categorized as complex problems because there are several characteristics such as different vehicle capacities and more than 1 type of product being distributed. The purpose of this research is to find out how the delivery routes and fleet assignments produce optimal solutions. In this study, determining the distribution route and assigning the fleet for the distribution of RPK products to 14 distribution destinations. The route search model used in this study is a Heterogeneous Fleet Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (HFVRPTW) model. In solving the problems in this study, an exact method was used with the help of LINGO 18.0 software. The exact method is used because it produces the most optimal results when compared to other methods. The results obtained from this study are distribution routes and fleet assignments with total distribution costs of Rp1,608,852.en_US
dc.titleSettlement of HFVRPTW in Perum Bulog Divre Lampung Using Exact Methoden_US

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